• Do not expose yourself to sunlight before or after depilation.

  • Do not use moisturizers, deodorants or tanning creams before or after depilation.

  • Avoid laundry that is too tight after depilation.

  • Do not depilate the upper lip or any other part of the face in case of dermatological treatment with acids or other products for cell renewal.

  • Ensure that personnel use disposable materials (gloves, tweezers, cloths, etc.).

  • Avoid depilation if you run out of skin due to sunburn. This could lead to changes in your skin colour.

  • Avoid depilation if you have rashes, stains or injuries. Consult a dermatologist.

  • Do not depilate if you use tanning agents. Depilation removes the uppermost layer of the skin and can cause stains.

  • Do not use pumice stone for hair removal before depilation. This makes the skin sensitive and may cause stains.


  • Avoid depilation during menstruation as there is a higher hormonal sensitivity.

  • Avoid deodorants containing alcohol after depilation. This could cause skin irritation and even staining.

  • Artificially bleached hair cannot be removed with the root during the first depilation and can break.

  • If possible, use an exfoliator made of almond milk and sugar and rub the entire body in.



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