Answers to our customers questions

Does warm wax cause ingrown hairs?

Ingrown hairs are a problem for the vast majority of women who have an increased number of male hormones, or in the case of curly hair. These are permanent, but warm wax facilitates hair removal from the root, which determines the next hair to grow thinner.

Will the waxing cause varicose veins or microvessels?

No. Hair removal with warm / cold wax or by roll-on does not produce varicose veins. Varicose veins are mainly caused by blood that can not flow through your veins and are located far under the subcutaneous tissue.

After waxing my facial skin was reddish. Is that normal?

Yes. Facial skin is red just after depilation, since it is a very sensitive skin region. Avoiding sun rays and a sunscreen prevent spotting. After depilation It is also normal that the skin surface feels itchy, because the blood circulation is stimulated by the application of wax and hair removal.

Can the frequent application of warm wax cause sagging, especially in places where the skin is very thin, like under the eyebrows and upper lip?

Neither the heat alone nor the wax application modifies the texture of the skin. The irritation concerns only the surface. Sagging is caused by the weakening of the collagen and elastin fibers, which are not affected by the process of hair removal.

My skin is fragile and I have skin allergies problems. Should I avoid hot waxing?

First, determine what products and ingredients cause the allergy. If someone is allergic to any component found in wax, this person is not allowed to do it.

Is there any chance that my skin gets darker or gets stains after the waxing session?

Dark spots can arise after depilation if you expose the area to sunlight without using sunscreen or when the hot wax was applied to any type of injury. The depilatory wax removes the protective layer of the skin and makes it more vulnerable. Therefore, double caution.

What hurts more? Cold or hot wax?

Hot wax has a relaxing effect on the skin and opens up the pores, making hair removal easier and less painful than the cold one.

Is the wax that you use disposable?

Yes! Depilatory wax products should never be used for any other person after your session.

Can I repeat the waxing after 15 days?

Skin needs on average 28 days to regenerate after using hair removal wax. It is important to respect this time interval.

Is it advisable for pregnant women do a complete waxing during the ninth month to facilitate birth?

This depends on the person in general. Follow your doctor’s instructions. Some obstetricians recommend the removal of all hair in order to facilitate the preparations for the birth.

When does hair grow faster? After cold or hot waxing?

In both situations, hair needs 20 to 25 days to grow again.

Tweezers? How do you use them after the session?

To complete the treatment, the remaining hair must be removed with tweezers. During warm waxing, the skin stays relaxed and the pores are extended so that the hair is almost released from their roots. This makes the removal easier and less painful.

Is it better to wax during winter? I’m afraid that in summer the skin gets more red and sore.

The growth temperature in winter and in summer are the same. Body temperature is different for each person and it doesn’t depend of the outside temperature. It Is your own body that makes the wax more or less tolerable.

I have brittle hair. What kind of wax should I use?
We recommend using warm or lukewarm wax, because you don`t need to apply any pressure when the product is applied on the skin. Cold wax required pressure so that it sticks to the skin, which can cause small vascular lesions.
Does roll wax need to be regarded as disposable material?
Yes. If the customer has its own refill cartridge. When the refill cartridge is used for more than one person, wax is contaminated through the mechanism with which wax is applied on the skin of the customer. Roll-on waxes of excellent quality can be found on the market , but the customer must request that the cartridge is used exclusively for him.

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