Bela Pele

Laser Hair Removal

SHR is a revolutionary new way of removing body hair permanently, that combines the efficiency of the laser diode with the benefits of a pulsed light to obtain nearly painless results. Now even your toughest hair can be removed quickly and safely.

In the past, the laser hair removal treatment was related to melanin in the skin, making the treatment less accessible. Only light skinned people with black hairs could have guaranteed permanent results. Thanks to our new equipment and optimized pulse technology (OPT), the outgoing energy doesn’t target the pigment, the melanin. The goal is to increase the temperature of the hair follicle enough to destroy it from the root.

Get rid of the body hair forever

This hair removal system is progressive. Our powerful machine acts on the follicles where the hair is still growing – the period during which its shaft is still attached to the hair bulb. During its resting phase, at first the hair is not affected by the light beam, but after a few weeks it grows and begins its anagen phase, during which it can be permanently removed. To achieve the desired results, we recommend six to ten sessions, but everything depends on the amount of hormones you have and your skin sensibility. We can discuss all these matters during a pre-analysis session in our studio.


  • More effects in fewer sessions
  • Available to all skins types
  • Permanent removal of body hair


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