Bela Pele


Microdermabrasion: Diamond peeling is a new aesthetic trend and an effective technology for deeper skin cleansing, which removes all the dirt from the surface and stimulates collagen production.

In our studio, your skin will be exfoliated with a less invasive technique, which vacuums the deep dirt from the superficial skin layers and removes dead and damaged cells automatically. The peeling also stimulates the growth of new cells and increases the blood circulation, creating stronger fibers.

How does the diamond peeling work?

Our sessions last between 15 and 40 minutes. We start with an analysis in which we try to understand your skin type, checking small sunburns, acne, wrinkles and mainly the sensibility of your skin . If everything is ok, we start the session by removing make up and washing the area. Our state-of-art machine will operate a deep and delicate micro-exfoliation.


  1. Any acne marks will be removed
  2. Smoother expression lines
  3. Your skin will look like much younger
  4. Sun spots and scars will be removed
  5. Dead cells are completely removed
  6. Collagen production is stimulated
  7. Fast recovery
  8. There is no skin redness or any other type of skin aggression


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