Bela Pele


Radiofrequency is an efficient treatment that stimulates the body to naturally produce collagen and elastin, increasing the ability to break apart molecules of fat and accelerate the cellular metabolism by reducing sagging.

Our excellent equipment allows us to take care of different areas of your body, depending on each persons particular needs. We can use the monopolar treatment for a deeper action against the body fat, the bipolar one for facial rejuvenation and delicate areas and finally, but not the least important, the tripolar method, which is a combination of both and will be used to attend special needs.

How does it work?

The treatment lasts between 20 and 40 minutes and can be applied either for the face or the body. The heating pulse from our powerful machine acts directly in the collagen of the skin, determining cellular recovering from inside to outside. After six sessions, our customers notice the first changes. Changing your diet – such as reducing salt and sugar in meals – can also improve the results.


  1. Improves blood circulation
  2. Drains the fat deposits from the lymphatic system
  3. Increases skin elasticity
  4. Shapes both face and body without any surgical intrusion
  5. Reduces the sagging muscles from the legs, arms, buttocks, abdomen and knees
  6. Reduces skin oil
  7. Softens facial fine lines, sun spots and scars
  8. Treats stretch-marks and acne blemishes
  9. Fast recovery


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